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Cosmic Drip

Light Mantra Activations • Interconnected Touch

There are sacred codes that help activate our light bodies and interconnect with the world around us in new and fun ways. How the sacred sound codes work through me come from a place of Divine Love and Divine Safety even if the tones sound different.

In this workshop, Ashbee will be holding space for these frequencies to come through and help to connect to the deeper parts of all of us; offering suggestions on how to connect with your own inner sanctuary. The first part of the workshop will involve singing and speaking with an invitation of hands on work. Then there will also be space to offer collective sounds and tones within the group. Activate your own voice from root chakra, to sacral, to throat, and beyond.. This space will be held with honor, safety, authenticity and most importantly Divine self expression to connect to your own inner truth. Come experience tools for heart expansion and growth in ease, joy, and grace

BIO: With a degree in exercise science from Auburn University and an advanced 1150-hour certification from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy, Ashbee knows massage and its benefits well with over 20 years of experience. In her work as a certified neuromuscular therapist (CNMT), she has evolved her understanding of fascial knowledge to incorporate Vacuum Therapy Cupping. She has created her own unique approach of addressing both polarities of the pull/push application that increases the effectiveness of the tissue health and more. These benefits can release stress, muscle tightness and pain in the body.

With her own evolution of understanding the sacredness of the body elemental, she offers support not only with the sacred physical, but also, holding space to help others connect with their own divine expression. This offering is through silence, voice activations, a listening ear, and gentle suggestions to co-create a new way of expression.

Just Do It – Dance • Karen Lasher

Have you ever wished you could be the one dancing freely at a concert or festival? Do you wait until the dance floor is full or until you’ve consumed some form of “courage” to allow yourself to dance? If so, this workshop is for you! We will uncover and discuss what holds you back from dancing and I’ll give you tools to untether yourself from these narratives. We will explore some movements designed to help you make that move to the dancefloor easier, and then we will practice what we have learned in a safe container. Join me for a workshop that has the power to elevate your festival experience as well as your life.


Everything is a story. As you read this you are most likely telling yourself a story about me, this workshop, and the festival. Our lives are filled with stories told by others in an effort to entice us, encourage us and even control us. One of the most powerful tools we have is the ability to be the storyteller of our lives. In this interactive workshop we will explore the power of story and how it can impact your daily life. We will provide writing tools for you, but if you have a personal journal bring it with you.

BIO: Karen Lasher is an elder residing in the Pacific Northwest, living in her Happy Day Van dancing through the days, spreading love and light wherever she goes. A long career in the hospitality industry taught her the power of human connection and she is passionate about helping others learn how to connect with others. She is an avid dancer and loves to encourage others to embrace the incredible power and medicine of dance.

GROUND ~ A 5Rhythms Dance Meditation • Jannie Schaffer & Wyld Lee

So often at festivals (as in daily life) we might find ourselves overstimulated, ungrounded or totally out of touch with our needs. During this 5Rhythms moving meditation practice, we will tune in to our body’s innate wisdom and dance our way back to the most authentic versions of ourselves. It will be deep, real, and downright fun! Join us to support your day grounded, energized, self-aware and connected to an amazing community.

BIO: Dance is Wyld’s mother tongue and her most cherished form of communication. Finding and becoming certified in the 5Rhythms has allowed Wyld to connect this language to every part of her life and taught her everything about what true commUNITY means. Wyld brings the invitation of permission, authenticity and expression to her classes and workshops; inspiring you to find your edges and dare to expand beyond.

BIO: Jannie has danced the 5Rhythms practice around the world, weaving it as a central thread in her personal growth. She is a storyteller, a devoted mother and wife, a small business owner, and a certified 5Rhythms teacher. Her style is clear and compelling, challenging you to dance deeper to become your fullest potential.

Primal Vinaysa • Annie Adamson

Break free from habitual movement patterns and experience the authentic, natural wisdom within your body. Join Annie Adamson, founder and CEO of Primal Vinyasa. She created Primal Vinyasa because she firmly believes that movement is your birthright—that each and every one of us has the power to bring our bodies back into balance and live life not just pain-free, but self-empowered to truly thrive.

One of the most common questions Annie receives is, “How is Primal Vinyasa different from yoga?”
Primal Vinyasa was born out of Annie’s desire to integrate the healing power of yoga with the wisdom of natural movement and earth medicine. We are naturally dynamic, strong, flexible, and deeply intuitive. Our bodies are born to move, but in our modern world, too much repetition often leads to stagnation, injury, and pain.

Instead of relying on alignment as a one-size-fits-all method, Primal Vinyasa is a process of repatterning movement that teaches participants to use their body’s natural intelligence and strength to tap into their innate potential for healing. The result is a self-inquiry dynamic movement practice that truly serves each unique body – the way it was born to move.

Annie’s mission is to break the one-size-fits-all model of prescriptive practice and offer a holistic, diverse method of movement that’s truly accessible, empowering, and healing for ALL.

Herbalism • Annie Adamson

Learn the Six Tissue States of Vitalist Herbalism

Unlock the ancient wisdom of herbal medicine and discover the six tissue states of vitalist herbalism. Join Annie Adamson, clinical herbalist and founder of Primal Medicine Academy, for an immersive workshop designed for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of herbalism from a vitalist perspective.
In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn the Six Tissue States: Explore the fundamental concepts of vitalist herbalism, which recognizes the unique energetic qualities of each person and the specific conditions of their tissues.
  • Understand Actions and Energetics: Gain insight into the actions and energetics of herbs, moving beyond the “use this for that” approach. Discover how to choose and apply herbs based on individual needs, conditions, and constitutions.
  • Personalize Herbal Practices: Break free from the one-size-fits-all model and learn to work with herbs in a way that is truly tailored to each person’s unique constitution and imbalances.

This workshop is perfect for anyone interested in a holistic approach to herbal medicine, whether you’re a beginner or have prior experience with herbs. Join us to cultivate a deeper, more intuitive connection with the plant world and enhance your ability to support health and wellness naturally.

Embrace the art and science of herbalism from a vitalist perspective and empower yourself to create personalized, effective herbal practices. Led by Annie Adamson, a dedicated clinical herbalist, this workshop promises to be a transformative experience for all who attend.

BIO: Annie has been studying the systems of natural medicine for nearly three decades. She has mentored with world-renowned teachers like Doug Keller, Pixie Lighthorse, and Tami Kent, and has certified a thriving community of yoga practitioners, healers, and healthcare providers in her own clinical body of work through The PRIMAL MEDICINE Academy. What originally began as a career in yoga therapy developed into her Holistic Practitioner model, where she integrates tools and practices from different systems of holistic medicine to help clients awaken to greater health, healing and self-empowerment.

In alignment with her belief that the world needs more holistic healers, Annie’s mission is to help other wellness providers explore how they can bring health and vitality to their communities — and enjoy the wealth and abundance that can come from that noble path.

Today, she works as a clinician and runs a flourishing online business where she offers high-level certification and mentoring programs, coaching individuals to unearth their full potential as movement experts, holistic healers, and profitable small business owners.

Her work has been featured on Yoga International, Yoga Journal, and Grokker, amongst other prominent wellness platforms.

How to Best Love Your Boobies • Dr. Erika Siegel

How to Best Love Your Boobies: An experiential Workshop for Optimizing Breast Health

In this workshop, Dr. Erika Siegel will discuss the pillars of health and how they relate to breast health. We will explore the unique anatomy of the chest and breasts as this area is rich in lymphatic tissue, glands and fascia. We will dive into nutrition and herbs as well as movement and massage practices to optimize your whole body and make for happier boobies!

This workshop is open to all genders, breast feeders, post-surgery and post-cancer.

BIO: Dr. Erika Siegel is a naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, educator, and mom: by nature, a juggler of life’s abundance. She’s been practicing functional, integrative medicine for nearly twenty years, offering whole-bodied health care and inspiration to thrive. Dr. Siegel continuously expands her knowledge of therapies from around the globe to support others in maintaining the balance of mind, body, and spirit.

Her recently published 2- volume book set, The Nourish Me Kitchen, combines a
first-of-its-kind functional medicine reference book along with a stunning wholesome-foods cook book. Through these books you get an inside view of Dr. Siegel’s practical knowledge and time-tested expertise—backed by peer-reviewed research—empowering you to support and heal yourself with food, medicine, home remedies, herbs, and self-care. Discover the foundations of your personal wellness and illuminate the mysteries of how your body works through this integrative, East-meets-West field guide for living vibrantly and aging gracefully.